viernes, septiembre 11, 2015

Changing Virtual Machine Hardware Compatibility

If you have a virtual machine created, let suppose in Workstation 8, and you need to run this in a older version of VMWare you can change the hardware compatibility of your virtual machine.

first select your virtual machine file click right on this and select Manage -> Change Hardware Compatibility...

later select the desired hardware version (Hardware compatible) and check the Compatible Products:

in the next step you can select if you want create a new virtual machine or alter the current one you selected

select a name for your new virtual machine and go next, review the changes and if you agree select finish. That`s all, enjoy it.

Kill process in one console command line

example:   $ sleep 3600 & [ 1 ] 2225 $ sleep 3600 & [ 2 ] 2226 $ sleep 3600 & [ 3 ] 2227 $ sleep 3600 & ...